Digital Illustrator, Designer and Co- Founder

Ffion Pritchard


Ffion graduated from the University of Brighton in 2017 with first class honours in Illustration. Following this, she completed a marketing internship with international photography equipment company ‘’, before moving back to North Wales to pursue a career as a freelance fine artist and illustrator. Much of her practice has involved a community-engaged focus, as well as working in arts education and commercial design. She has exhibited across the UK varying from established venues such as The Institute of Education and the Bargehouse Centre, to independent, artist-led spaces such as Balaclafa, CARN and local cafes. In addition, she has an introductory certificate in Art Therapy and training as a Dementia Friend and in Dementia-Friendly Arts Practice. She is interested in how art can be facilitated in wider society

Working Style


Multidisciplinary artist and designer, with an ability to create experimental, process-led work. She works across the mediums of paint, photography, collage and video, creating thematic work driven by her interests in gender, family, relationships, organic material. She takes an investigatory, playful approach to projects, becoming involved with the subject matter and aiming to describe it thoughtfully and justly. 

What I Can Do For You


Branding & Design

Branding and design for an event or company, or for books, posters or zines.


Illustration & Storytelling

Storytelling through animation, visual, video or illustrative work.


Creative Workshops

Workshops centred around creative activity, education and well-being. From ages 14+ 


Event Co-ordination

Co-ordinate and curate events, i.e pop up shops, exhibitions, workshops, networking.

Artists Statement

     "The arts in all their forms have always been used as a commentary upon the world, through paint, sculpture, word and song artists have been making statements and evoking emotions and ideas for millennia. I aim to follow my predecessors in this as such my work often covers political and social issues and my thoughts on them. When creating political/social issue driven work I find great reward in dealing with issues that we as a society find difficult to discuss and hope that through the artistic mediums I can lessen our silence on said topics.

In recent years I have created work centred around climate change, homelessness, feminism and the effects of war.


I do however really enjoy working on less charged issues. I’m currently enjoying observing the beauty within the natural world through my wildlife painting. I have several collections that explore this in various ways. My ‘Wildlife Narrative’ collection explores the natural geometry through abstract shape and line, whilst it’s companion collection ‘Wildlife Narrative in Colour’ explores the beauty and variety of textures. My most recent collection ‘Mythical Mechanics’ combines both of these by looking at the anatomy and geometry of animals to create geometric prosthetics and armour within soft and natural lines of mythical beasts.


I work with a several mediums, primarily digital illustration, watercolours and the written word. I enjoy the challenge of creating work that is thought provoking, emotionally driven and visually interesting whilst still being true to the subject I am portraying."

Examples of Video Work

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