Esme Livingston

Illustrator, Writer & Co-founder

Esme grew up in the heart of Snowdonia, surrounded by the beautiful landscape and wildlife. Encouraged by her parents to be creative and inspired by her own grandmother's artistic ventures, she learned early on to indulge her curiosity in arts and literature. She studied at Coleg Menai for her Foundation Degree before studying briefly at Leeds Beckett University. She returned home in 2015 and began crafting her first illustrative collection 'Wildlife Narrative'. 

Working Style

Her illustrative works are often vibrant and detailed, working with both watercolour inks and fine black ink pens. She currently works with animal or portrait related illustrative work.

Esme's written work cover's a variety of issues from identity to the effects of war to feminism. Most often she works in a poetic format but also writes in prose. She recently published a small selection of poems for Digitalis Designs Gwyl Y Ferch event. 


What I Can Do For You



Illustrations of animals, mythical creatures, botanical or people in watercolour ink or pen.



Custom prose or poetry to accompany video, animation or illustrations.


Design & Layout

Design and layout for posters and websites. 


Event Co-ordination

Co-ordinate and curate events, i.e pop up shops, exhibitions, workshops, networking.

Artists Statement

     "The arts in all their forms have always been used as a commentary upon the world, through paint, sculpture, word and song artists have been making statements and evoking emotions and ideas for millennia. I aim to follow my predecessors in this as such my work often covers political and social issues and my thoughts on them. When creating political/social issue driven work I find great reward in dealing with issues that we as a society find difficult to discuss and hope that through the artistic mediums I can lessen our silence on said topics.

In recent years I have created work centred around climate change, homelessness, feminism and the effects of war.


I do however really enjoy working on less charged issues. I’m currently enjoying observing the beauty within the natural world through my wildlife painting. I have several collections that explore this in various ways. My ‘Wildlife Narrative’ collection explores the natural geometry through abstract shape and line, whilst it’s companion collection ‘Wildlife Narrative in Colour’ explores the beauty and variety of textures. My most recent collection ‘Mythical Mechanics’ combines both of these by looking at the anatomy and geometry of animals to create geometric prosthetics and armour within soft and natural lines of mythical beasts.


I work with a several mediums, primarily digital illustration, watercolours and the written word. I enjoy the challenge of creating work that is thought provoking, emotionally driven and visually interesting whilst still being true to the subject I am portraying."

Examples of Written Work

Youthful Tales


We were woven bright futures on threads of lies,

Promised bountiful homes under warm blue skies.

Told of fanciful careers, without censure or end.

We were sold educations of inflated ego and trend,

Given hope that our efforts would elevate us higher than them.

All for our light to be surrendered again.


Canted alongside were legends and tales

Of brave young heroes stood tall with pride.

Fighting the good fight, the fight for their lives.

To free their families from tyranny and greed,

Standing up to injustice and avowing it end.

Taking their voices and making them heard,

Through shouting, protesting, the written word.


Far fetched stories, coming of age

On silver screens and printed page.

Plucky young women and strapping young men

Overthrowing their leaders and starting again.

We were bright eyed and hopeful

With the world at our feet.

A world that our expectations

Never did meet.


Now we are the disenchanted youth,

Our souls are hungry and fed on mistruth.

Our hearts are bursting with rebellion and wrath.

We were taught by our stories, that we each have a place

Our bodies, our voices we all have a space

To bring about change both might and small

We will make our chance to be heard by all.

Travelling by Starlight


Take my hand and follow my light.

The path we take winds through the night.

Far oversea, through magical lands,

A whole world you'll see, your horizon expands.

We'll travel far, my dear, just you and me.

In the end there'll be nothing left to see.

When the time comes I'll carry you home,

For your soul to rest amongst kin of your own.

And when no more tears are shed in you name

We'll be united in light in the heavens again.



We rise from stardust.

The beginnings of our beings

Moulded from the remnants of ancients.

Their dying light flickers into our souls,

Travelling expanses we can’t fathom.


And in those dark canvases of skies

They are our heavenly guides.

Saviours of the lost,

Uniting fated lovers,

Comforting all souls beneath their watch.


We are from stardust,

And when our time comes

Stardust we shall be again.

Gilded Lily


Golden threads of light,

Each strand of beauty pinned

perfectly in place against her head.


Hands shackled in glittering gems.

Shimmering stones strung into a

Matching collar locked around her neck.


Gilded lily in a cage,

Sun so distant.

The wind a whisper.

Freedom a dream.


Legs stripped smooth,

Feet moulded into precarious

prisons of a night.


Lips, so soft,

Painted perfect, a smile

Of allure and disinterest.


Gilded lily in a cage,

What is your truth?

Why do you smile so?

When do you laugh?


Do you dance gilded lily?

Do your feet stay bare

gliding through meadows

Free as a bird?

Your eyes alight, full of laughter.


Or do you stay unnaturally still?

Perched upon a parlour sofa,

Entertaining others with

thoughts not yours.


In a cage you cannot own,

With a voice that cannot sound.

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