What Can We Do For You?

Digitalis Designs can offer you a range of services, from branding, design and illustration to storytelling, animation and video work to event coordination, exhibition curation, arts and crafts workshops and community outreach work. Scroll down to see more detailed information about each service.


We can help you brand or re-brand your business, company or event with three approaches, Brand Strategy, Visual Branding and Storytelling. Ensuring that our clients vision is portrayed accurately an memorably through branding. 



Have you got a story or vision that you want to bring to life through illustration? Get in touch, our designers have unique styles that will give your story a creative voice that stands out from the rest!



Do you have an event or business that needs some design work? get in touch! We can design posters, booklets, zines, books, websites, menus for you! 



As a business we have experience coordinating and organising a variety of events. We can help you coordinate or we can host on your behalf events ranging from exhibitions, workshops, music events, business networking, arts and literature events to pop up shops and crafting events.

Event Coordination


We can offer you custom crafted poetry or prose to accompany illustrations or animated work to give your image it's one thousand words. Reversely we can also craft custom illustrations or animations to bring stunning visuals to your written word!


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